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Melón Jiménez - Ecos de Magerit 

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"Tradition meets avant-garde” - ABC News

Guitarist Melón Jiménez has made plenty of music, not only in flamenco music but in many related styles. He is both devoted to the tradition of his Andalusian gypsy roots and also, to the innovation of the flamenco guitar.


Having grown up between Madrid and Jerez de la Frontera (the birthplace of flamenco), Melón was always surrounded by music and began to play the guitar at age 3. Melon's professional career started very early on. At the young age of 15, he became flamenco pop star Niña Pastori's official guitarist.


The musically and culturally diversity of his family, (his mother is a German classical pianist and his father, a flamenco guitarist from Jerez) made Melón an exceptionally versatile guitarist, leading him to collaborations with artists of all genres such as: Anoushka Shankar, Enrique Morente, Richard Bona, Maria Jose Llergo, Israel Fernandez, and Jorge Pardo.


Melón has released several albums. In "El Sonido de los Colores" (The Sound of Colors) he plays homage to the great Spanish painters with his colourful compositions. His second album, Ecos de Magerit is a journey through the sounds of his home town, Madrid. 


Melón was also a finalist in several  competitions such as the Paco de Lucia Awards and the National Flamenco Competition in Cordoba. He released his second album, Ecos de Magerit, in October 2022.



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"Ecos de Magerit” is Melon Jiménez’s second album. Magerit is the original Moorish name for Madrid and in this album, Melon dedicates the album to the magical corners of his hometown.  The album was recorded at Scatcatmusic Studios and features collaborations with flamenco titans like bassist Carles Benavent, percussionist El Piraña, and flutist Lara Wong.

"Ecos de Magerit” is inspired by the places in Madrid that evoke an Andalusian past of stories and cultural mixtures. Hence the names that give way to each musical composition, El Zoco, El Emir, or La Muralla.

A highlight of the album is the song "Gato Montoya” which is dedicated to the guitar master from Madrid, Don Ramón Montoya. This piece was chosen as a finalist at the Paco de Lucía awards in Sevilla, 2022. 

All eight songs are compositions by Jiménez. The final product is a singular masterpiece that much like the city of Madrid, is an enchanting unification of tradition and avant-garde. 

"Flamenco star nods to Spain’s Arabic legacy."     - Songlines Magazine



« one visualizes the good old Wayne Shorter letting himself be carried away by the melody or fascinated by the mixed techniques of Melón Jiménez who builds and deconstructs as contemporary painters do. At times with brushstrokes, sometimes caresses. »
- DeFlamenco 


« "Melón Jiménez is a guitarist to watch. He has an alluring style that presents prodigiously performed, masterfully crafted compositions, exposing guitar complexities and a skill for bridging tradition and modernity". »

-World Music Central 

"a source of pride and satisfaction for flamenco lovers."

-José María Velázquez Gaztelu from Nuestro Flamenco on Radio Nacional de España.



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